by Tom Noehren (with contribution by P.C. Bosco)

Special to The Falconer

In the face of deafening silence to the many unfolding crises here at home from the traditional political behemoths, Americans are being bestowed with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for political transformation. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. has boldly chosen Nicole Shanahan as his partner in the quest for desperately needed change in leadership. While the establishment trembles and the media circus whirls, one undeniable notion remains: the Kennedy-Shanahan alliance will be an unstoppable force, a juggernaut.


Shanahan embodies brilliance, vision and eloquence, articulating a vision that connects deeply with Americans across the spectrum. Her journey, from overcoming childhood adversity to ascending the ranks of big tech through sheer determination, is a testament to her resilience. In fact, Nicole’s life experience is perfectly tailored for the challenges faced by this nation, particularly ending the chronic disease epidemic and restoring our constitutional protections.

As the daughter of Chinese and German-Irish immigrants, Shanahan’s roots lie in the working class, a heritage she proudly upholds as she stands shoulder to shoulder with Mr. Kennedy, a stalwart champion of public service for over four decades. Her tenure as a tech patent lawyer, spanning esteemed firms like Aeon Law and Rutan & Tucker, underscores her prowess in navigating complex landscapes. Even before passing the Bar, she blazed a trail by founding ClearAccessIP, a groundbreaking software venture hailed by industry titans.

Despite attempts by the press to cast shadows over her past affiliations and personal life, Shanahan remains undeterred. The labels of Democrat or Republican fade in the face of a shared mission: to transcend political divides and unite as Americans. Kennedy and Shanahan embody this ethos, recognizing that our strength lies in unity, not division. 

Together, Kennedy and Shanahan embark on the monumental task of rekindling the spirit of a nation founded on principles of true democracy and love of fellow man. In a landscape marred by fear and discord sown by partisan interests, they offer hope, combined with clear solutions that the duopoly is incapable of. Shanahan’s intellect, tenacity, and commitment to service mirror Kennedy’s own persona, promising a future built on collaboration and progress.

As the 2024 election looms, it falls upon us to rally behind this formidable duo. Let us pledge our unwavering support to Kennedy and Shanahan as they chart a course towards a brighter, more inclusive America.

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