Edited by Jeremy Frey and Kimberley Lewis


In this lively and dynamic world, I am occasionally granted a peaceful moment of clarity. It may deliver a helpful truth or illuminate a new path. It also may reveal that a difficult relationship has deteriorated from unhealthy to indefensible, and it is time to release it.

This is one of those revelatory moments. It is crystal clear that our two-party political system is unwell. What was metastasizing as a concealed disease has now reached the surface. The toxicity is exposed for all to see.

Americans’ right to rule ourselves has been subverted by those claiming to represent us. With shameless disregard, the parties make no attempt to advocate. Instead, they seek to dominate. They have coerced us into contorting and diminishing ourselves to take a form they deem useful. Each time we submit to party dogma, we only cede more power to a contaminated, insatiable system. Our concessions are met with more demands, and less consideration for who we are.

The two-party system offers one option more than no options, and even that choice is an illusion. We only choose between two adjoining shades of hypocrisy, as both parties impersonate representation and mock the democratic process.

Creativity, exploration, and common sense have been stifled. The demonization of unique ideas has caused us to question what we truly believe. They aim to convince us that we are each alone, and that our inspired perspectives are ridiculous, irrelevant, and uninformed.

Well, I’ve been having conversations with a lot of Americans lately. It turns out we aren’t alone after all.

* * * * * * *

Repeated propaganda has become a cultural myth: There is life in this land your parents and grandparents occupied. So, ever-hopeful, we remain on this arid parcel diligently searching for sustenance. Optimistic, we sift through the soil, seeking signs of life. But the truth is self-evident; if there ever were nourishing crops here, they have been devastated by thistles of tyranny, weeds of corruption, and pestilence of war. 

Neither party has the integrity nor the will to support free Americans’ right to maintain a healthy republic. They want our money, but not our voices. They want our votes, while they refuse to represent us. They want our souls, but not our convictions. They want sterilized fragments of us they can fashion into suitable party ornaments.

I see clearly now: To be a party member, I have to continually become less, and that means being much less human. How much longer should any of us dim the brilliant light within by submitting to these nefarious, self-serving organisms?  What promises have been fulfilled that they deserve our loyalty?  Have we gained anything more than a divided, bankrupt country and a planet on the brink of destruction?

We are constantly frightened into the safe, suffocating arms of one party or the other. I am also tempted to find comfort in familiar, old ways, but I am now certain our differences are simply irreconcilable. And the lethargic comfort of familiarity is a poor substitute for the blessings of conviction, of a single-minded will, and decisive action. So, my New Year’s resolution: This year, I resolve to withdraw my support from both parties. I refuse to hold hands with the obsolete, irrelevant old system while being birthed into the New Year. This year, I look forward. This year, I shed the past and embrace an exciting adventure.

* * * * * * *

The illusion has lifted. A higher path has been revealed. Releasing party loyalty releases us from sifting through decay for nourishment. Abandoning fear, we are emancipated from the entanglement of thistles and weeds. And laying claim to our dignity, we rise up, abandon this dust bowl, and set course for a fertile land of authenticity and opportunity.

Committing to this adventure, the fog parts. It is evident that there is only forward. With clear vision, we can align with the truth. We can embrace unique, empowered self-expression. We can reclaim fulfillment by reclaiming our birthright of a functioning republic. We are free to meaningfully participate in our collective destiny. This is our moment to usher in the change we wish to see.

I also empathize with those who aren’t sure this adventure is necessary. I also once believed an alliance with a corrupt party was the best option, and felt that abandoning my team would empower “the other side.” But that logic kept me anxious, divided from my fellow countrymen, and divided within myself.

I see beyond that now. I realize parties are pitiable leaders. I am much better served by the leadership of an honest, informed conscience. As I honor this guide, I begin to see us as one, a whole people, and I myself am becoming whole.

We cannot predict every turn on this road to a better future, but to those considering this New Year’s resolution, I offer two certainties:  I am certain you will feel alive. A fresh wind animates the faces of those who respond to this call. I am certain, also, you will not be alone. This adventure will usher you into the company of good-hearted pioneers.

This year is going to be different. A movement is rising: The Declaration of Independents is now in bloom. This restorative exodus is unfolding at an extraordinary pace. As the newly independent arrive, they bring with them the treasure of their own vitality, having reclaimed their spirit, and energy. Witnessing the renewal, more are inspired to join the celebration. And there is always room for more! I am eager to celebrate this year with the liberated souls on our beautiful adventure of independence.


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