Edited by Diana Buehler

It was not long ago the United States had a reputation for bold innovation and a willingness to rise to any challenge. We had a “can do” attitude and were determined in our mission to make upcoming generations proud.

And we succeeded! We built an incredible infrastructure, increased the standard of living beyond what our ancestors could have imagined, and even (probably!) put humans on the moon.

But now we’ve lost our way. In the wake of the assassination of JFK we disengaged from civic duty and became increasingly selfish and indulgent. Now we see how far we’ve fallen and many of us are extremely worried as to where we are heading.

The time for arguing is over. We’ve done enough talking about the need to make changes. It’s time for us to actually make the change! We must put aside our differences and rekindle the American spirit of getting the job done.

The candidacy of RFK Jr. offers us a divinely rare opportunity to actually change the direction of our nation. This comes to us at a critical juncture in world affairs. We may not get another chance.

Our goal is crystal clear: we are here to elect Robert F. Kennedy Jr. the President of the United States. It’s now or never: we must break the status quo and set a new course for this troubled world. To accomplish this we have to get beyond our policy preferences and gather sufficient political force to defeat the uniparty/duopoly. We are extraordinarily lucky to have such an outstanding candidate leading us even if we have our disagreements with him.

All great achievements require sacrifice. As supporters, we are each being asked to sacrifice the part of ourselves that disagrees with our candidate’s position. This can be extremely difficult to do particularly when we care deeply about an issue (and Kennedy supporters tend to be deeply caring individuals!).

If there’s any hope of ending the profoundly destructive routine of corrupt politics and social decay, we must restore our participation in our democracy. The first step is to insist on leadership that’s independent of the oligarchic duopoly. To achieve this we will each be asked to sacrifice something important to us. No meaningful change has ever come without sacrifice.

We will never agree on all the issues, so let’s not allow the issues to get in our way. Here’s what we can all agree on: our present system is broken and we desperately need wise and competent leadership if there’s any hope of improvement.

None of us will get everything we want, but instead we will elect an extraordinary leader to face this critical time with intelligence, compassion, honesty and competency.

When we put aside our particular concerns it allows us to come together and opens a pathway towards resolving the many problems plaguing our country and thwarting our lives. We must not allow the perfect to be the enemy of the good.

Our nation (and world) are in serious trouble. Some will say it’s all the fault of Republicans, while others will claim it’s the Democrats. Kennedy supporters know the truth: it’s the fault of both parties.

The Donkey and Elephant are shamefully corrupt. They refuse to work with each other and now their enmity defines them. They spend their time and energy cutting each other down, destroying what remains of our social coherency and system of governance. The only thing they agree on is increasing our national debt for more war. They’ve proven themselves more interested in intensifying the divide than in doing anything good for the American people. They don’t care about the consequences of their actions, even if it means the death and injury of millions. They serve at the pleasure of those who bought their political victories: the corporations and powerful entities aspiring to rule the world.

It’s sometimes said, “The people get the government they deserve.” I don’t know if this is true because it seems to me that the people are often the helpless victims of their governments. But if it’s true anywhere, surely it’s within democratic societies.

Is the United States a democracy? I honestly don’t know anymore. I’ve been told the United States is a democracy, so I’m going to take those who say so at their word. People should be held to their word, right?

We’re going to find out very soon whether or not we’re actually living in a democracy. And it’s up to each and every one of us to selflessly dedicate ourselves to this movement. Our collective energy is the only thing that can stop the anti-democratic forces presently threatening to destroy our society. 

There is no better time than right now. Let’s do it. Kennedy24 or bust!

P.S. If you feel unable to put aside a point of disagreement with Mr. Kennedy, please reach out and contact me at taijireality@protonmail.com. I am willing and ready to discuss any issue with any one of you.



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