Editor note: below is a letter turned into one of our Arizona volunteers by Josue Eduardo Chavarria Salazar, a young man from just across the border in the Mexican town of Nogales Sonora. We chose to print it to give him a voice.

Dear Mr. Kennedy:

I hope you are doing well with your presidential candidacy and your campaign tours. The reason I am writing this letter is because I am interested in U.S. politics as a Mexican citizen, since I live on the border in Nogales Sonora.

As a student at Anahuac Queretaro University, I realize that my country needs the same leadership that you offer and, above all, the values your family instilled in you. Also thank you for your book “American Values: Lesson I Learned from My Family“, which I continue to read. I would like to ask you to sign it, since it is one of my biggest dreams to have this book autographed by you.

I would like to meet you in person and tell you a little about a big project that will benefit both countries, since I have a prestigious and important education in my country which has given me the opportunity to create great projects. One idea is for a coffee that could be called “border coffee”. It would be part of an experience that embraces both Mexican and American cultures. Imagine ordering a coffee with a variety of American and Mexican desserts: apple pie, coyotas (typical of Sonora). I envision your favorite dessert, Mr. Kennedy, being a story within this representative project.

To achieve this dream, I have been studying while working to generate income, but I would love to partner with you and be able to bring that love and culture to share in both countries.

Also, next year I plan to create a podcast, in which I would like to share with you a space to talk about political issues, especially how to heal a nation, and to teach others of the utmost importance of helping all nations.

I know you have a very busy schedule and that you are going to become the next president, as your father asked you to do. I trust that you will have a successful trajectory and above all that this letter reaches you, because I care about both countries.

If by chance you happen to be in Arizona in the near future, I would love to interact with you for a few minutes. Please thank your relative Juanita, who gave a job to my aunt Patricia Salazar. I hope we can work together to represent the mutual love for our nations.

Thank you very much for your attention.

Josue Eduardo Chavarria Salazar

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