Dear Editor:

This letter raises several matters of utmost importance, especially for those in the media. I am a volunteer with People4 Kennedy, acting on my own, asking graciously for a few moments here. You will find this letter to be well-informed, heartfelt, and guided by principles of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., and of a Democratic Party I was proud of until recent years. One could raise many issues in a letter such as this and wax on about Mr. Kennedy’s once-in-a-lifetime candidacy. I will instead focus on three primary issues, each of which is vital to the future or our nation:

1) Tribalism/Censorship in America; 2) the Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Presidential platform; and 3) Vaccines and Healthcare 

TRIBALISM & CENSORSHIP (including Media) 

The extreme right wing in America scares me in many ways. I do not want to imagine the darkness of another Trump presidency. However, we cannot defeat Trumpism with Trumpism from the left. History proves that authoritarian rule can emerge from either side. Today, both Democrats and Republicans are trying to outflank each other for the ultimate power grab, acting as mirror images of each other. I believe, after a very deep dive, that Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is our best, and perhaps only hope to avert this fate. His candidacy comes at our nation’s single most pivotal moment of at least the last generation.

Democrats, once the party of the people, will today go to any length to retain power, as if the end somehow justifies the means. Watching Stacey Plaskett and Debbie Wasserman-Schultz at recent House Judiciary hearings (with RFK and Taibbi/Shellenberger) left me in shock. Elected officials in positions of power use the guise of antisemitism to shame an opponent for personal gain, with no regard for truth. This charade dishonors Jews everywhere. These so-called representatives fail to distinguish ACTUAL antisemitism from a conjured paper tiger. How dare they! RFK does not have a prejudiced bone in his body. Yet the MSM runs with their narratives in reckless fashion with no regard for real journalism. I share RFK’s question: What happened to the Democratic Party? Indeed, politics is a dirty business, but this is nothing short of McCarthyism. Most Democrats (and Republicans) are interested not in truth or serving constituents, but in Tribalist theater.

As a media constituent, you are in the same basic line of work as Taibbi and Shellenberger. Does what you present require a political stamp of approval yet? How much longer until YOU are censored, until journalism is nothing more than stenography for the state? We are perilously close to state-dictated media, with heavy surveillance. The technology is already in place. The First Amendment is under direct assault. Together, we must act now, or free speech and most other freedoms will be gone. To quote RFK: Respectful debate is the fertilizer, the water, the sunlight for our Democracy. Both major parties today stand in direct opposition to Bobby on this, and actively seek to undermine free speech. Do we support him, or do we give up the fight?

In this regard, RFK’s message is one not only of Constitutional protections, but of Unity, Peace, and Healing the Divide. His personal 40-year journey of recovery has led him down a spiritual path I have not seen from ANY candidate in my 64 years on this earth. And he brings that experience to bear in his everyday message. Note that RFK does not attack anyone personally; he simply sticks to his agenda for America, especially the poor and middle class. RFK is disciplined, grateful, humble, and respectful of others. He sees all of us as God’s children. This is what America needs desperately. I have listened to RFK for many hundreds of hours, and my belief in him only grows. The right man at precisely the right moment. I pray enough of us recognize this undeserved gift. Naturally, as with many heroic figures, Bobby is a threat to the establishment.

Many in the media have been influenced, perhaps unconsciously, by the incessant propaganda from those clinging to power. The motivating force appears to be ratings and advertising dollars, not news. And it does seem that the Left has adopted this approach in recent years. Shout ‘conspiracist’ loud enough and often enough, and they’ll believe you. But the propagandists never seem to back up their accusations, do they? No, they leave the burden of proof to the accused, putting them on the defensive. For years Republicans owned this tactic. Now the Democrats have caught up. We are experiencing different sides of the same coin- the coin of zealotry.

The REAL conspiracists are often those who deem others (like RFK) as being conspirators, simply for not toeing the party line. THEY are the ones waging a conspiracy against the poor and middle class. It takes great courage to stand up against such intimidating power. Bernie Sanders did it, as did Tulsi Gabbard, Adam Kinsinger, Justin Amash, and others. But they are few and far between. This is also true in media, where we all cry out desperately for independent, objective voices, That is why I am writing to you. It is not hyperbole to say that America’s survival hinges on the ability for courageous folks in the media to stand up and speak out on these issues. 


RFK’s positions on most matters is vintage Democrat, most notably his ability to stand up to corporate power. Of course, few bother to learn about the platform because they are too caught up in Tribalism. The incestuous relationships between government and corporations has gone completely off the rails. Our national debt is rising exponentially and is now mathematically untenable at nearly $34 trillion. This is as incomprehensible as it is unacceptable.

Meanwhile, corporations enrich their execs through all kinds of anti-capitalist tactics. Lobbying power grows to the point of bribery. NEITHER party is remotely inclined to address this most critical issue, because they are bought and paid for by these corporations. This leaves most Americans holding the bag. More than 60% of Americans live paycheck to paycheck, as they are increasingly feudalized. The wealth of the richest 1/10th of 1% explodes higher, thanks to collusion with the Federal Reserve and the ensuing Cantillon Effect. Now comes the tab in the form of Inflation, which will continue to hit most Americans hard. Democracy, as you and I think of it, is hanging on by a thread. Bobby Kennedy will fight to restore the middle class and Democracy, just as he has done his whole life. It will be a long, arduous road, but RFK is the one to do it. 

If reasonable people go to the Kennedy24 website, they will see what RFK stands for. The question arises: are those platitudes, or does he truly represent those ideas? I would argue all day long that RFK, more than any candidate in my lifetime, truly walks the walk. He pounds the pavement like no other. HE is the only one fighting for ordinary Americans. Smart border control, a return to healthy and family-based farming, pro-choice while respectful of life, peace at home and abroad (I hope for a stronger position on gun control). RFK’s experience and knowledge are FAR superior to those of any other candidate. He is an encyclopedia in matters of history, and this guides his anti-imperialist foreign policy. Time to reduce our military presence. Time to redirect our resources for domestic needs. Bobby Kennedy will garner solutions via bi-partisan support- the Falconer Heeds Both Wings.

As one who enjoys listening to all Americans, Bobby’s policies reflect a deep level of commitment to economic justice- something desperately lacking in our political system today. His plan for affordable housing (something JFK had also sought) is a perfect example. In the truest of the Kennedy tradition, RFK listens intently to the most neglected segments of our society, including veterans, indigenous tribes, inner city residents, and victims of environmental crimes. He then channels that empathy and understanding to champion a better future for these Americans through policy initiatives and common sense solutions. His voter ID proposal is a great example.  

Let us not forget upholding the Constitution, which as it turns out, the Dems are now as proficient at trashing as Republicans are. Free speech is a cornerstone of the RFK candidacy. Actions like removing the Joe Rogan discussion (which was a beautiful 3 hours) as well as other interviews, underscore the urgency of this matter of censorship and using Section 230 as a political weapon. This is nothing less than a fascist tactic. Even if one disagrees with RFK on one or two matters, can it ever justify someone from the White House calling into Google whenever their orthodoxy is challenged? We are truly on the cusp of an Orwellian future, which will accelerate and be irreversible unless we act now to stop it. What will we choose? RFK is the clear choice here.


I know this has been a topic that has led some to part ways with RFK in the past. I observe a somewhat ‘forced’ Liberal view that starts from a faithful conclusion and then backfills the argument with cherry-picked statistics. Most dismiss any validity to RFK’s suggestion of a possible link between vaccines and the explosion in diseases and autoimmune deficiencies. That is a very serious mistake. We need to step back, and consider motive and incentive in the big picture.

Here is my view: No one really knows. What we do know is Science gets politicized, perhaps much more than we once thought. We do know now that Fauci is guilty of a coverup, which is tragic. We now know more about the Wuhan lab leak and gain of function research. There are many in the ivory towers of big pharma who do not want these truths revealed. They are protecting their turf of profit and power. To the extent they did this early on to avoid mass panic, it is understandable, as many dangerous theories tended to get floated. But are they now protecting the people first and foremost? If so, why the policy of deception? Why the rush to create a database on everyone? Why the pathetic patient outcomes? Why does MSM display such blind trust in the narrative? And, why the collusion of big pharma and government to silence RFK? Given all these revelations, we are now free, even required, to reverse our reverence for Fauci and others, and to give credit to RFK as a beacon of hope for our Health. This is not intended as an attack on Fauci, but an attempt to get things right for the future.

Even if we give science the benefit of the doubt, the best we can say is that scientists (and doctors) do not know more than 2% of all there is to know about the human body, the body’s  ultimate function in our universe, and God’s plan for it. We can only do our best and reach for 3% in the coming years. But our best MUST be accompanied by a healthy dose of humility, and on that score, scientists and those at the agencies have failed us terribly. Instead, they accept and preach as gospel that which should be routinely questioned. Their egos and financial conflicts of interest have compromised objectivity and a deeper level of scientific study. Corporate Capture has taken hold in the healthcare industry, and it is doing great damage to the health of our citizens, especially our youth. Those doctors who DO put patients first have been systematically destroyed, and many have had their licenses revoked. Mary Talley Bowden, a Houston wellness doctor, was one of hundreds who was tortured just for being a real doctor. I have followed her travails and consider her a hero.

We often hear that correlation does not mean causation. True, of course. So let’s talk about correlation. Is it not true that after 1986, when a law was passed under Reagan exonerating vaccine developers from all liability, that there was “Gold Rush” of vaccine development? We have gone from 3-4 vaccines to 72 doses of 16 vaccines in a generation. Is that patient-based healthcare? I would argue that the primary motive was profit, and I think most would agree. But much more importantly, we have seen a very troubling commensurate surge in all kinds of developmental disabilities and autoimmune deficiencies, even as admitted by the CDC. I have seen the stats on these matters- they are both startling and terrifying. All of this since the late 1980s, the advent of Vaccine Greenlighting. There is a moral imperative to explore this existential threat to America and all mankind. It may well be that American Healthcare is killing us! To simply declare vaccines as ‘safe’ is just insane. Are we all so sure there is no possible link to autism, diabetes, asthma, allergies, depression, suicidal thoughts, cardiac issues, etc.? And perhaps even ADHD and IQ deficiencies? The list of surging health atrocities is extensive. The data is fuzzy and inconclusive. Certainly, there may be other environmental causes, but we must not ignore their possible link to vaccines simply because the industry created the narrative.  

When RFK says he is not anti-vax, but rather pro-safe-vax, I believe him. Some will say say that he has been free with his phrasing at times, but directionally he is spot on. Where are the long-term pre-licensing safety studies with proper placebos? Evidently, they do not exist. Why bother when there can be no liability or patient recourse? Are HHS and NIH afraid of what such studies would reveal? Is it not possible, even likely, that vaccines are eliminating the viruses they were intended to treat but are planting seeds of biological harm in the process? Why on earth is no one else in a position of power asking these questions? We are talking about life and death! The logical answer is that most have come to trust those who are betraying them for profit. Lord knows, those on the left would never tolerate this from Wall Street, Big Oil, or Tobacco. And rightfully so. When it comes to healthcare, however, all reason and critical thinking get hijacked. The incestuous power of Big Pharma, the CDC, HHS, FDC, NIH and the White House- what a powerful, revolving Lobby door.

No one can deny the fact that the U.S. has had poor outcomes with Covid, a very high percentage of death relative to our population, and untold longer-term consequences. Was RFK right all along? At the very least, he seeks the truth- science unencumbered by motive. Perhaps RFK is driven by a sense of social justice given his family’s past. By the age of 14 he had already experienced two major traumas, his hopeful sense of good in the world shattered by violence. Amazingly, he has turned that into an asset. But truth-seekers pose a threat. As RFK himself said: “When I ran Riverkeepers, no one accused me of being anti-fish.” He has had the same approach with vaccines as he had with Riverkeepers- the public interest comes first. THAT IS GOOD!

Let’s remember that Healthcare spending accounts for nearly 20% of annual GDP, so there is great incentive to maintain and grow that level of spending. The incentive appears to be based less on wellness, and more on keeping us sick enough to medicate. Our health outcomes bear this out. Government and big pharma are in collusion to keep spending high, otherwise GDP would suffer a very unwelcome decline at a time we can least afford it. The fact that Americans pay several times what other countries pay for the same drug really highlights our economic illusion.


In conclusion, I am begging for a small group of heroes, those who will take the risk of standing up to this duopolistic nightmare and corporate capture that is hijacking our future and our children, especially when it comes to healthcare. Bobby Kennedy IS that person. People4Kennedy is an amazing grassroots organization dedicated to this cause. But we need other heroes in the media- those Democrats and Independents who stand firm in Democratic principles, who can persuade and not be pulled toward extremism.

We ought never have to choose the lesser of two evils. If either Biden or Trump were to win in 2024, some will have won the battle, but we will ALL lose the war. Instead, we need to boldly and proactively save the nation, the planet, the world our children will grow up in. Neither major party is capable of acting responsibly any longer, as each side has been seriously corrupted. They are sprinting to win a race for the prize of tyrannical rule. My ultimate question for you is: Will you revisit this candidacy and support Bobby Kennedy?

While I agree President Biden has done some good things, he has also fallen woefully short in many important ways and his minions have fueled the Tribalist fire. Biden appears too old to serve and, like many Trumpsters, he is compromised. Let’s be real. Given Bobby Kennedy’s superb credentials and vision of the future that honors the Kennedy legacy, I view him as somewhat of a slam-dunk choice.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this. I would love to discuss more with you. I can be reached at 732-809-8097, or at There is a long-overdue peaceful revolution occurring. I invite you sincerely to be a part of it, and to follow my LinkedIn hashtags: #EndTheTribalism and #Kennedy24. I look forward to hearing from you either by phone or email.

With love for America,



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