edited by Nick Gold and P.C. Bosco

Our rights to life and liberty, as enshrined in the Constitution, are under threat. Too many of our so-called ‘public servants’ have been revealed to be traitors. They have become agents of corporate greed, sacrificing our health and freedom at the altar of profit. 

Over 75 chemicals banned in Europe are still used to grow our food. Mexico won’t buy our corn. The result of this toxicity are dozens of serious health conditions in our country going parabolic. These conditions include Alzheimer’s, autism, dementia, obesity, diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and cancers among others. These are not mere statistics; they are stories of lives diminished, of potential unfulfilled.

Currently, Americans have a life expectancy that’s six years shorter than Europeans, a significant change from 40 years ago when both were equal. To add insult to injury, those responsible suggest limiting our freedoms to address the pollution they create. 


As complex as these challenges are, the answers are embarrassingly simple. Across the millennia, across all our cultures, we’ve developed tried and true solutions to foster our health and freedoms.

By simply observing nature and following her lead in the ways she provides abundance, we can create sustainable, regenerative systems that produce safe, fresh, nutritious food. This creates autonomy, local sovereignty, and independence from the tyrannical profiteers. This is real freedom.

Local agriculture done right is a panacea not just for food purity, but food security, and self reliance. We can create everything we need to thrive: food, medicine, building materials and fuel. Food forests are lasting legacies that can produce abundance beyond our years. These prepare us for the biggest challenges we’ll face, whether drought, flood, famine or fire. This even creates local resilience from our fragile supply chains.

With plenty of fresh air, exercise, and sunshine, we can make ourselves maximally alive, healthy and strong. This is the best way most of us can love ourselves and our communities. What’s more important than the health of us and our loved ones?

Envision a lush green forest. There are layers of life everywhere: from the roots and the groundcovers, to the herbs and the shrubs, to the vines growing up into the canopy. Likewise, in a food forest, all these layers can live in symbiosis, providing food and medicine. It’s incredible how much diversity and yield we can harvest from a small food forest. This isn’t a new-age concept but a return to an ancient wisdom. Scientists are discovering our old growth forests all over the world were huge food forests intentionally planted to provide edibles and medicinals.

Schools and parks

As many around the world are already finding, we can extend this food forest abundance into our parks and schools with food forests as beautiful models of sustainability, inspiring while educating. 

Additionally, these food forests can serve as a resource for seeds, cuttings, and mulch. From our parks and schools we can create islands of production that can inspire whole communities to health and wellness through these invitations to creation. You know that after-glow of wellness you have after you have a really great meal? Every meal should give that feeling. So, what’s the secret to creating these thriving food forests?

It all starts with the soil.

Although everyday arborists pay hundreds of dollars to dispose of loads of wood chips, they are perhaps the very best source of organic matter for enriching soil. Composting wood chips in this way fosters the growth of mycelium in the soil which is especially helpful for trees to get the most out of nutrients in the soil. Covering the ground with mulch also limits the necessity for irrigation while suppressing weeds. When we plant these food forest trees, we support whole ecologies. The Birds and bees come naturally. Chickens, eggs, and honey give self-reliant sustainability. 

Did you know the chicken’s native habitat is the forest?

Belgium chickens

There is a small town in Belgium (Limburg) that offered 3 chickens to every family in 2010. Two thousand families volunteered, and that one initiative alone reduced food waste sent to the local dump by 100 tons while producing eggs and manure for increased soil fertility in local gardens.


We started a program where we work with a prison to teach these principles of responsible food production and studies show that this lowers recidivism by over 70%.

We can be free and independent from toxic consumerism. 


One real public servant who’s been fighting for responsible agriculture and against the toxicity is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. I am inspired by how he is standing against the biggest evils of our time. 

  • For 40 years he’s been fighting as an attorney against toxicity in our food, air, and water. 
  • He has probably done more for the health of rivers of America than anyone. 
  • He led the charge on behalf of farmers against the likes of Monsanto winning the first case against the poison glyphosate. 
  • He is standing against the same great corporate evils who many believe killed his father and uncle. 

Our times demand selfless heroes standing for our lives and liberty. Let’s save the seeds and share them. Let’s spread the word. 

Let’s plant paradise everywhere. 🌱


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