– edited by P.C. Bosco

PART 1 – Out of the Weeds, into Real Politics

We all want a president who embodies the values and policies we believe to be most important. But in a diverse nation such as ours, no candidate will make us happy on all the issues. Every candidate will disappoint most of us one way or another.

Some are extremely upset by Mr. Kennedy’s position on Gaza and have withdrawn support for him on this basis. I myself am dismayed by his position. Nevertheless, I’ve decided it is critically important to continue supporting his bid for the Presidency.

When the political establishment is steering us towards catastrophe, we cannot afford to reject a candidate who has proven himself willing and able to take a stand against the corrupt establishment, fight for the interests of We The People, and sound the clarion call to Heal the Divide.

My disagreement with RFK Jr’s Gaza position is irrelevant to the upcoming presidential election for three reasons.

  • Kennedy may change his policy once elected.
  • I may not understand the Gaza situation correctly.
  • The United States is on the verge of being torn apart by the Democrats and Republicans.

Ask yourself, what’s more important: the integrity of our nation, or making a symbolic statement about what’s happening in another part of the world?

I am horrified by what is happening in Gaza, but I have no delusions that my opinion will change anything. No matter what I say or do, it will make no difference.

In contrast: I do have some small influence over what’s happening here in my own country. And I see no other way forward for our nation but to enthusiastically support the only viable alternative to the status quo. We urgently need someone better than the other two deeply compromised frontrunners.

No clear-thinking person would abandon the only chance for political reform just because the candidate doesn’t meet all expectations. To do so is profoundly immature and irresponsible.

We know our nation is in desperate trouble. Whether it’s the state of our economy, the corruption of our politics, the insanity of our society, the failure of our healthcare system and our disastrous education system, uncontrolled immigration, skyrocketing crime, the polluting of our food air and water or the USA’s despicable international behavior – we’re literally circling the drain right now.

Who is to blame for this sorry state but the Democrats and Republicans who have run this country? You might argue they are just puppets of the corporations and the intelligence agencies, and that no politician is actually running anything. But ultimately, it is the politicians who put their pen to paper, rubber-stamping endless immoral wars and destructive domestic policies. They are the gatekeepers who refuse to keep the gate. They are simply too corrupt, misinformed and/or afraid to make decisions that align with the interests of the people they were elected to serve.

One thing is clear about Robert F. Kennedy Jr: he is not afraid. His father and uncle were assassinated, it appears, because they had the courage to stand for their convictions. In the person of RFK Jr., their heroic spirit has returned to confront the immense challenges of our day.

RFK Jr. is willing to die for what he believes to be good and true.  He has been unfairly denied Secret Service protection (which is essentially a death threat against him) yet he persists in his campaign for President. He has gone up against the world’s most powerful corporations and institutions (and won!) to stand for the rights, health, and liberty of common people like you and me. He cares about the future, not just for Americans but for humanity at large and the natural world upon which all life depends. He’s been demonized all over the mainstream media and he mostly just shrugs it off as if it were nothing.

He has also shown a willingness to adhere to what he believes is the truth even when it will disappoint some of his most ardent supporters. He has not shirked from taking controversial positions likely to anger his friends, colleagues, and family members. Only the most courageous soul does this.

From the position he occupies right now RFK Jr. is in exactly the same situation as we are: he doesn’t presently have the power to change what is happening in Gaza. If he condemned Israel today it would make no difference on the ground. The only impact he will have on the Middle East is when he gets into the White House.

It has been said that Mr. Kennedy’s uncle (JFK) pretended to cooperate with the power brokers of his day (organized crime) because he would otherwise have had no chance of winning the presidency. Once he was elected, JFK (along with his brother RFK) pursued policies to bring the mob under control (and we know what happened after that).

There is no way to determine if RFK Jr. is employing a similar strategy. It is definitely not outside the realm of possibility. Everyone knows that the way things are today you cannot get elected to any significant office in the United States if you’re not a friend to Israel.

If your political purity test requires your candidate to take a position that ensures their defeat, it’s not a viable political plan and the change you yearn for will never come.

Would you trade the future of your family and nation for your outrage at what is happening in Gaza? You can choose to be outraged by RFK Jr’s position (and then refuse to support the only reform candidate with a chance of winning – which is precisely what the status quo wants you to do) but you cannot choose to improve the situation in Gaza. Your condemnation of Israel will only make you feel better about your own position on this horrible decades-old tragedy.

Some prefer grandstanding to winning elections, caring more about their own righteousness than the actual outcome of events. We may find this kind of performative action inspiring but it’s not a path to political victory.

Here’s the real situation for Election 2024: pick your favorite Zionist. Trump is a Zionist. Biden pretends to criticize Israel (very mildly) but still sends them money and weapons. This will be true of any other candidate offered up by the two wings of the Uniparty.

The track record of Democrats and Republicans in office has been firmly established. In contrast, we don’t know what a Kennedy administration will actually do. Based upon what I have heard from Mr. Kennedy I believe he will preside over an administration with a far more humane, intelligent, and well-conceived set of policies – including in the Middle East.

You can hear part of RFK Jr.’s proposal for Middle East peace on one of RFK Jr.s most recent podcasts, a discussion with Palestinian Mohammad Dajani Daoudi and Israeli Yossi Klein Halevi. You may not like the way he’s going about addressing this issue but he’s clearly making serious efforts to address it as he sees fit. Is there any other presidential candidate sitting together with Israelis and Palestinians to discuss a path forward? Simply put, no.

RFK Jr. has clearly given the Gaza situation a lot of thought. Instead of proposing a specific plan he has the insight to realize that this is a conflict which can only be solved with the participation of the entire global community. The world is sick of American politicians telling them what to do. Instead, Mr. Kennedy advocates for discussion between international partners including nations like China and Russia. This is a mature and diplomatic way to negotiate complex international issues.

Mr. Kennedy is obviously the most intelligent, compassionate, courageous, well-informed, and competent candidate of our lifetime. He’s also very much despised by the status quo (which is a badge of honor in my book).

Israel/Palestine is a deeply entrenched battle that we should not allow to derail our one and only chance to reform US politics.  We do not have time to wait for the next election cycle. We must seize this remarkable opportunity now while we have it.

Some have withdrawn their support for other reasons. I have a friend who is upset by RFK Jr.’s apparent change of stance on abortion. My argument to him is essentially the same – no matter what you believe, our nation is in peril if we allow the status quo to continue. RFK Jr. is our only hope. We must have faith that God will guide this good man to do the right thing once in office.

The Democrats and Republicans that constitute the status quo have made it crystal clear, they do not care about the people of this nation. We must remove these corrupt leaders or our suffering will intensify. The actual state of the union is extremely bad. Both sides are unabashedly taking active measures to destroy us.*

The corporate media obviously want a rematch between Trump and Biden. Why? It’s the ultimate showdown between two sides that have been expertly primed to never accept the other side’s victory. In other words – this is the final act in the end of civilization script: A House Divided Cannot Stand. A YUGE red flag. Regardless of the outcome, we can be confident that whatever the media wants – it’s not going to be good for We The People.

We need a real human being as President, warts and all. We cannot survive another puppet or clown. Nothing is more important than freeing ourselves from the stranglehold of the 2-flavors of Uniparty.

PART 2 – Getting Into the Weeds (for those of you

who just can’t get let go of the Israel/Palestine issue)

I can hear some of you responding: “yeah, but what could be more important than stopping a genocide?”

Please bear with me while I share my perspective on Israel/Palestine. I was born into a nominally Jewish family that was favorably disposed towards Israel. However, my father often told me that the Zionists were crazy. I’ve had a hard time squaring that circle and have spent a lot of time trying to come to terms with it. I’ve got two friends one Israeli, the other from a Palestinian family that was kicked out during the Nakba. I’ve discussed the situation with both of them. My Palestinian friend said of RFK Jr. “anyone as demonized as he is in the media has got to be good.”

I’ve listened to the Zionist and the Palestinian perspective. I’ve listened to the anti-Zionist Jews and the moderate Palestinians. A few years ago I listened to the entire multi-part series from Darryl Cooper’s Martyr Made podcast Fear and Loathing in the New Jerusalem. If you feel like you know what side you’re on in the Middle East I strongly urge you to listen to the 14+ hours of dismal history in these 7 grueling episodes.

Here’s my position today: I do not believe Zionism represents the interests of the Jewish people. Zionism violates the Torah prohibition against murder and theft – and many other commandments have been violated downstream as a result. It was prophesied that Israel would be returned to Judah by an act of God, not an act of man. I reject the claim that the present state of Israel is the rightful homeland for World Jewry, it is a nation made by Zionists for Zionists.

Nevertheless, many Jews (and non-Jews too) actually believe Israel is the Jewish homeland – and so this must be taken into account. History does not proceed on the basis of truth. It proceeds on the basis of the most successful narrative.

Nations are established not on any moral basis but by political will (narrative control) and use of force. Can you name a single nation on planet earth that was not established at some point by the removal or massacre of the previous inhabitants?

Right now we are seeing a genocide in Sudan. No one is talking about it. Is it a coincidence that South Sudan is the newest nation on Earth?

Israel too is a relatively new nation. Establishing a nation is a horrifying bloody business. Are you aware of any nation that was not founded on atrocity? Terrorism in the eyes of one side is often called heroism by the other side (“freedom fighters”). This is the ugly reality of human history that no one wants to examine (unless they’re accusing someone else of it). Let those without sin cast the first stone; and remember – people in glass houses should not throw stones.

It’s obvious that people who are being driven off their lands will protest and fight to retain those lands. They will do whatever they can to gain the support of others and make their persecutors look as bad as possible.

It is also understandable that landless people desire to establish lands for themselves. The landless are often the first to be persecuted in tough times because:

1) they’re the most vulnerable;

2) they’re likely to have engaged in unethical practices for survival due to having fewer livelihood options available to them.

There is no moral justification for Israel’s behavior – but there’s as much of a political justification as there is for any other nation. Israel is obviously not acting in the best interests of “the Jews” (it’s actually one of the leading causes of antisemitism!). It deserves moral condemnation for its behavior. However, because all nations have committed similar atrocities at some point in their history, Israel should not be singled out as if it is any different from any other state.

If the Israelis want to take on the horrifying karma of these murders, then that is their prerogative. I believe it will end in disaster, but I am an American and I have no say over what is happening in Sudan either.

I will leave you with this thought experiment. Imagine yourself in the following situation: you move into a house you’ve bought without knowing much about the history of the neighborhood (maybe you were told a fake history). The neighbors then tell you that the house you bought was an illegitimate transaction. And then they start bombing your house and killing off members of your family. Would you have the moral restraint to not use whatever force you had at your disposal to try to kill the people responsible for bombing your home and killing your family?

If you have better technology in your possession than your neighbor and are able to do more damage to them than they can to you, would you be careful in your retaliation to execute a proportionate response?

Really think about this one. Imagine what you would do right now if a bomb dropped on your home and killed your child. Would you have the strength to not retaliate – or be restrained in your retaliation? Would you care about the complex history on the deed to the house? Or in your fury and desperation would you go berserk?

Those of us who understand the terrible cycle of violence and have learned self-control might not retaliate – but would we blame those who did?

This is the situation on both sides of the conflict. The leadership of both the Israelis and Palestinians are locked in a psychotic death grip that has been escalating for decades – and their populations are either caught up in the maelstrom and/or in the crossfire. Do you think you can stop this fight?

It’s not our fight. Yes, it’s horrifying, and it should stop. But it won’t stop. And no matter what you or I or Mr. Kennedy say about it – it’s up to the Israelis and Palestinians and the International Community if anything is going to change. It should have nothing to do with a US presidential election. Full Stop.


Anyone with an awareness of what’s actually going on won’t need to read the following. But for anyone who wants it explained why there’s no hope with the Democrats or Republicans, the above diagram explains it in one glance and the text below provides additional color

Biden and the Democrats are completely corrupt, posing the single greatest danger to the future of our children and society.

  • While in the midst of a severe debt crisis they have spent the little that remains of our national treasure not on restoring our own nation but rather on a completely unnecessary and totally corrupt war in Ukraine.
  • The US is currently adding $1 trillion in debt every three months (or about $33 billion a day).
  • They have allowed somewhere between 7-10 million undocumented migrants to enter the USA illegally without background checks or keeping track of their activities here in the US.
  • They gaslight Americans telling us the economy is great while many people are having to choose between food, medicine, or housing. Every day more people are ending up on the streets, living out of their cars or back at home with their parents.

The only people who can’t recognize these failures are the coastal elites too insulated from the real world to care. They pacify themselves from the temporary safety of their rapidly shrinking corporate sponsored intelligence agency scripted government media bubbles.

On the other side of the fake aisle: many voters believe Trump is the last hope to overturn the status quo. But we already had a Trump administration, and this is what saw:

  • Instead of draining the swamp he surrounded himself with swamp creatures.
  • To this day Trump remains proud of his “warp speed” vaccine development program.
  • The Trump administration allowed for the lockdowns that caused such profound social, health and economic harms.
  • Trump signed the CARES act which was the largest upward transfer of wealth in our nation’s history.
  • The growth in annual deficits under Trump ranks as the third largest in U S. history.
  • Trump promised on Jan 6th “I’ll be there with you”. Where was he?

Trump is a classic NY bullshitter. He’s worked most of his professional career with top producers in media and entertainment. No one gets the amount of media attention Trump gets without being owned and paid for.


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