In today’s America, we essentially have two different paradigms. I call it “the old energy and the new energy”: two realities living side by side. In the cases of extreme polarization of viewpoints, those two don’t speak the same language ~ when it comes to the issues that have polarized them.

And don’t we all know how well those conversations go when we dig in our heels and try to talk somebody out of their position, which never works and only creates more distance and hostility, which in turn further widens the gap? Those two really can’t talk to each other or listen to each other; as if one were speaking Turkish and the other Swahili. Round and round we go, and it just gets worse and worse.

But, as Bobby’s uncle Senator Ted Kennedy demonstrated repeatedly, when those two can find something that they both love, this opens up a way to connect on common ground, in a new field of understanding, where seeds of friendship and trust can be planted.

Judgment, projections, and misperceptions create walls, ever widening the divide. Just as Bobby does, we need to find ways to create bridges of understanding through listening and compassionate dialogue, without trying to make somebody else wrong (even if we fiercely think they are). If we fight amongst ourselves, we are no better than the divided country we are seeking to unite. We are each of us responsible for where we put our energy.

Once that spark of judgement/resentment gets lit, and that “us vs. them” energy is unleashed, it can become a wildfire of hostility in seconds. These are the seeds of war ~ between individuals or nations. I’ve been angry about a lot of things in this country for a long time, and I still am. And it’s appropriate anger. But in these kinds of potentially inflammatory conversations, (on a good day) I am wise enough to know I can’t lead with my anger. I don’t need to prove to somebody else that I’m right, because after many decades on the planet I finally trust my JEDI intuition. It has never failed me, not once; although I have failed it when I let my fear and doubt override what I knew in my heart to be true.

We pay a terrible price for going against the Truth and the toxic mess that our country is in is evidence of this. It feels so much better to lead with my enthusiasm for Bobby, for the Truth and my passion for what can be! It’s no small miracle that Robert Francis Kennedy Jr has appeared at this 11th hour, shining silver sword of Truth in hand, stepping up, fully prepared to rescue our fully captured country as it teeters on the brink of fascism.

Because he is shining the light of Truth on all that I have been so angry about, I find I’m not so angry anymore. And I find the hard core of my anger has been alchemized into passion. And don’t we all feel validated when somebody articulates exactly how we feel? It’s like music to my ears.

As the poet William Congreve says, “Musick has Charms to sooth a savage Breast, to soften Rocks, or bend a knotted Oak.” FINALLY, somebody who is running for president GETS IT! Things no longer feel futile. I have hope! I am no longer alone. We are no longer alone and our oneness in this campaign is a microcosm of what can be in this country! We the People together as One. I am quite sure when this tsunami of love really hits, and the Awakening spreads like wildfire, the majority of the People will follow. Because at the end of the day, people are stressed to the max, exhausted and want things to be good. Everyone pretty much wants the same thing.

“Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”. And underneath that, people want to feel safe to open their hearts and let the good stuff flow from one to another because that’s what we’re made for. The human heart wasn’t made to be contracted and hold anger and fear. That’s not its purpose. The heart was built for Love. Its purpose is to be an open, divine instrument for the giving and receiving of Love. It is our Spirit’s Home. A safe place.

The Chinese have a saying: “All sickness is homesickness.”
And Ram Dass says, “We’re all just walking each other Home.”

The majority of the population who still do not see the truth are not the enemy. They are also fully captured. This was a recent insight I saw so clearly.
And if I view them that way, it helps me to feel compassion toward them, “Forgive them Father, they know not what they do.”

Because they really do not know. They believe the lies and propaganda they have been fed by the mainstream media and they take it to be the truth and they honestly believe it to be the only existing reality – (like Biden and Trump are the only two people running for president). So, if the mainstream media has been feeding the people of this country lies and propaganda for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, then Truth is the food we can offer them as Bobby’s messengers in this campaign.

Every time I talk to someone about Bobby as I go about my day, I offer them nourishment. I do this all day long, wherever I go. Talking about Bobby is soul food that I share. Most people form their opinions based on what the guy on TV says. The American people have been programmed to believe what the programmers want them to think, and it’s by design.
Because, as Bobby has said, THEY know that as long as we are fighting amongst ourselves there is no one coming over the wall.

This, Dear Friends, is a mission to rescue our beautiful country from the hands of evil doers. Bobby is a noble soul, and this is a noble effort. And as we are part of it, we must also be noble and rise to the best that is in us.

Bobby is not a politician, and he cannot be bought at any price. He will not get down in the mud when baited. He doesn’t indulge in mudslinging. Bobby keeps the bar high. Let’s keep it there. For this campaign to be successful we must abide by this noble code. LOVE is the touchstone for this campaign. “Principles and Policy above Personalities”. If this broken country is to heal, we need to rebuild it on a foundation of LOVE. So, it is essential to the integrity of this campaign that we take a page from Bobby’s book and devote ourselves as his representatives to noble qualities.

If we are to take up the sword of Truth along with him and call for Truth, Peace, Freedom, Unity, Kindness toward All, respect for our planet and all living things, brotherhood, healing, understanding, forgiveness, compassion and a shared Vision for the country we deserve to have, then we have to embody those qualities every day.  Every word that I speak, every breath that I take. I don’t do it perfectly. It’s a practice. But what a beautiful Wayshower we have in Bobby. What a beautiful role model. What a beautiful mentor. What a beautiful soul who will be our next beautiful president. Everything that he is we ought to attempt to be. 

We are a beautiful, rich patchwork of minds, hearts, bodies, and souls. So much Spirit (!) Love, creative power, passion, genius, brilliance, unique gifts and talents, resources, generosity, skills, and ideas. It’s absolutely amazing!

And that patchwork is a quilt of many colors. A warm blanket in which we can wrap our hurting country. All of us loving her as One.

Okay, you may say I’m a dreamer. But now I know for SURE I’m not the only one!


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