This article is directed specifically to the baby boomer generation this election cycle. There may be a reluctance to embrace the kind of change that we all know deep down is so desperately needed. Such change has to be for the better, not for the worse. In this piece, I will explain how it is imperative that we recognize Bobby Kennedy as the one, like his father, who will inspire the change this country is starving for- with compassion, humility, social justice, and encyclopedic knowledge. RFK is a gift to us all and will take custody of the future with true leadership. He may even become the greatest president in at least 100 years. What follows is based on thousands of hours of open-minded, even skeptical, research. An educated voter is our best citizen. – P.C. Bosco


As a 40-year Wall Street veteran and Baby Boomer, I can say unequivocally: we have really done a number on our children and our grandchildren- financially, emotionally, and spiritually. We, the Boomer generation, have been part of a system that has gifted many of us a massive joyride based on illusions of prosperity and entitlement. What we have really done, though, is place an ungodly burden on the next generation and beyond. With the help of Wall Street, but without the assent of ordinary Americans, we held up the likes of Bezos, Gates, Musk, Zuckerberg and others as heroes, symbols of capitalist success, Rambo-style. We elevated them on TV and on magazine covers. CEOs who were once awarded 20 to 30 times the compensation of the average worker are now typically receiving four hundred times. We frowned upon taxing these billionaires, crying ‘socialism’ at anyone who dared point out the fiscal insanity. Greed has run amok, billionaires are being created almost daily, while most Americans cannot afford a healthcare emergency, nor do they have $1,000 saved. The richest 1% control 43% of the wealth. We have lost all sense of perspective and proportion. Yes, we have created feudalism here in America.  

Bobby Kennedy is our one choice to reignite the spirit of America.

Bedford Falls Becomes Pottersville

This wealth class disparity has grown exponentially since the great financial crisis of 2009 and especially since COVID, as central banks like the Federal Reserve have ramped up the printing press. Those closest to that printing press have benefited very disproportionately. This is known as the Cantillon Effect, and it has turned Bedford Falls into Pottersville. The net worth of the five richest people in the world has more than doubled since 2020, while the bottom 60% are worse off over the same period. On what planet is this acceptable? Those like Mr. Potter are thriving in a nation that has placed $34 trillion of debt onto our children. Bedford Falls, the cinematic emblem of America the Beautiful, has perished. How do we restore America to its purple mountain majesty?

Bobby Kennedy is our one choice to reignite the spirit of America.

We never asked the questions: Where does all this money come from? Why is our economy so reliant on deficit spending? Why are we taking such advantage of our status as world reserve currency by borrowing tens of trillions of dollars? Why is there such a healthcare crisis in the so-called wealthiest nation on the planet? Why is America ranking lower and lower in the world in education and other key metrics? Why are most young Americans no longer proud of their country? And dozens more.

Bobby Kennedy is our one choice to reignite the spirit of America.

Meanwhile, most Americans- especially young people- can no longer afford homes. Our education system is in disarray, yielding a declining return on investment as its cost skyrockets. Credit card and student debt are at all-time highs. Much of our food and water supply is tainted, even poisonous. Healthcare in America, once the model for the world, has been overtaken by a profit-over-patient model. We are the sickest nation in the industrialized world, even though we spend 20% of our annual GDP on healthcare. That is twice as much as any other nation per capita. We have an outright chronic disease epidemic and a surge in excess deaths in this country. We have a humanitarian crisis at the border, with no political will to address it. Our infrastructure is under decay. Indeed, something is very, very wrong. America walks and talks like a third-world country.

Bobby Kennedy is our one choice to reignite the spirit of America.

We were misled into believing that everything we received was actually earned. Nothing could be further from the truth. There is a percentage- perhaps around 20%- of compensation that could be considered organic capitalist success, going back to 1980. The remaining 80% of perceived prosperity was stolen- legally perhaps, but stolen nonetheless. We conflated the terms assets and equity with no regard for the ensuing tab. We are privatizing all the gains into the hands of the few, while socializing their losses onto the public, using government as a conduit. Our unsustainable deficit spending (legal counterfeiting) and commensurate debt burden is the financial equivalent of feasting from the fruit of the venomous tree. Debt is the devil’s playground, and the devil is certainly having his way. 

Bobby Kennedy is our one choice to reignite the spirit of America.

The political class has been central to the greatest bait-and-switch ever in human history. Both major political parties are protecting those who grease their palms through donations and incestuous promises. They create policies that support the activities of giant corporations to enrich their executives while plundering the public into submissiveness. The agencies (NIH, FDA, FTC, EPA, etc.) that are supposed to protect us from the sinister activities of certain corporations are supporting those activities instead. With a wink and a nod, these politicians and government agency officials will have very lucrative jobs waiting for them in the private sector once they rotate out the lobby door. While in office, their net worth mysteriously multiplies. Is this a government serving the people, or are they throwing us under a bus? We have reached a point where this scheme applies to both Team Red and Team Blue, as if they are simply a Uni-party. If ever there was a time to embrace a third party, that time is now.

Bobby Kennedy is our one choice to reignite the spirit of America.

These are ultra-thick layers of fiscal and monetary pollution. As with environmental pollution, it is Extractionism based on a zero-sum game. Extraction of wealth without adding any real value places the burden of cleanup on future generations. A game where untold riches, power and control have been grabbed by very few in elite circles, as the poor and middle class get eviscerated. We baby boomers watched this scheme unfold, and even participated in it. As long as we had a granite countertop and a nice SUV, all was pleasant. However, it is now clear that our nation as a whole is broke, bankrupt. We are operating on financial fumes. You can go to and see the evidence for yourself.

Bobby Kennedy is our one choice to reignite the spirit of America.

The information we get from media is tainted by those in control, who have a specific agenda. Pharmaceutical advertising dictates what we are told through many media outlets. Truth has been hijacked by those who have a desire to control the narrative. The history books- if they are allowed to be written- will reveal that we are forming a vassal-and-serf model at breakneck speed. Technology, originally purported to empower the individual, has instead been used to corral people into mindless complicity. Cell phones, an empowering tool on the surface, have turned us from the customer into the  product. The signs of an unfolding Orwellian society are very real, and already deeply entrenched. 

Even the stock market is exceedingly unhealthy, as very few oligopolistic companies are rewarded at the expense of the rest of the market. This mirrors society as a whole. Venture capital and IPOs are no longer vehicles for wealth creation. Instead, everything is being financialized. We rearrange deck chairs on the Titanic, as the robber barons sail away using government as a conduit.

Boomers: Bobby is our Chance to Reignite the Spirit of America

So, as a baby boomer, is it your fault? You might say ‘no, I did not create this mess.’ That is a valid point on the surface. You may have recognized the insanity of our system long ago. Many boomers, in fact, have undergone great sacrifice to feed the beast of Extractionism. Overall, though, we have collectively enjoyed a prosperity that was not created organically through true capitalism but rather through borrowed money. Benign neglect is not innocence. The younger generations see this, they know it intuitively, and they want change. They deserve change. They are rightfully angry at us for not looking down the road on their behalf. We have failed as custodians of America’s future.

Now it is our duty to at least attempt to right the ship. How do we do this? The answer lies in placing Bobby Kennedy in the White House, because he is the only politician since his father who is remotely capable of redirecting this country toward true, organic prosperity, where all generations can experience the fruits of their labor, talent, and education. Bobby is guided by spiritual principles akin to those of St. Francis. This is exactly what we need and the only reasonable path forward. Bobby is, in most ways, the opposite of the two-party system. He wakes up each day in service to the people, and his decades-long track record demonstrates this clearly. All one needs to do is to listen to this man, a gift to all of us. Do not listen to the agents of Extractionism in the media, the Pottersville press. They are parroting the narrative that protects their interests and seeks to extinguish Bobby’s message for the people. The press and political structure’s reliance on name calling reveals a true disdain toward your intelligence. 

So, do NOT vote for Bobby Kennedy if you succumb to the fear of change:

  • If you prefer war over peace, with increased risk of nuclear proliferation;
  • If you prefer medical tyranny and sickness over health;
  • If you want Blackrock to own every home on your block;
  • If you embrace the WEF credo of ‘you’ll own nothing and be happy;
  • If increased censorship and oppression of opposing voices is what you desire;
  • If you want the trends in depression, suicide, chronic disease, and divisiveness to continue;
  • If you want more toxins and cancer-causing chemicals in our food, air, and water;
  • If you want to continue in the model of feudalism, where the top 0.5% grab grotesque wealth and place it on the shoulders of you, your children, and future labor;
  • If you like the current two-party system that enriches politicians and the donor class at your expense.

That is the future with our current duopoly. Red or Blue- does not matter.

DO vote for Bobby, though, if you are ready to reclaim your independence:

  • If you prefer kindness, respectful dialogue and healing the divide;
  • If you want to get to the bottom of our life-threatening health trends;
  • If you want to restore the middle class and return to a sense of community;
  • If you want to retain the value of your hard-earned labor;
  • If you think we should re-direct our funding of eight hundred military bases abroad to urgent domestic needs;
  • If election integrity matters and if democracy is worth saving;
  • If you want clean water, food, and air;
  • If you want to unravel the incestuous relationships between government agencies and corporations;
  • If you want character, integrity, and spiritual principles in the White House;
  • If you want to fix our border policy effectively and humanely;
  • If you care about the Constitution, Freedom of Speech and of the Press.

Bobby Kennedy walks the walk on all of these vital issues. Every single one. He talks about capitalism as having to be ‘harnessed to a social purpose.’ These are extremely important words carrying near-biblical significance. That is the purpose of true capitalism, but we have bastardized its meaning and intent. We have a long road ahead. We have taken a very significant detour from the American ideal. Bobby Kennedy sees it all. He knows what is wrong and how to go about fixing it. He is a genuinely good soul with a love for his fellow man, yet he brings strength in his approach. RFK is far and away the most qualified candidate in my lifetime, and his qualifications trounce the existing field. Every single problem I have noted in this article is not only on Bobby’s radar, but each comes with solutions. 

This is indeed a two-way race. But not in the way most think. It is a race between Bobby Kennedy and the establishment. So, join me, please, and become a BOBBY BOOMER. The survival of our republic is at stake in 2024. This, ladies and gentlemen, is not a drill.


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