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Step Eight:  Made a list of all persons we had harmed and became willing to make amends to them all.

In a 12-step program, it is suggested that you make this list without dwelling on the upcoming Step Nine which is to make direct amends to such people wherever possible, except when to do so would injure them or others. 

Some addicts/alcoholics have committed terrible atrocities against their families, friends, even their employers. Excuses abound!  “I can’t afford to make the financial amends.”  “I’ll go to jail if I admit I did this.” “It’s just bringing up the past.”  “My partner will never forgive me for that.”   But Step Eight is not about the how or when, it’s about the who.

As we have been doing, applying these steps to our government and the division in our country, we may experience the same projections.  Who should be on this eighth step list?  Native Americans? African Americans? Women? LGTBQ Americans?  What about the illegal immigrants who have recently come to our country?  What about the children of America? What about those who have been persecuted due to their individual religious beliefs?  The Bill of Rights is supposed to protect all Americans, but has it?  What about the atrocities we have committed across the globe?

Oh, the list is so long and grows every day.  But I always tell those I’ve sponsored, the steps are in order for a reason, and we must not forget what we have learned so far.  The first three steps helped us see and believe that there is a power greater than ourselves and that it is available to us in every way.  Steps Four through Seven had us take an honest assessment of ourselves, our past, our character defects and assets, and our shortcomings.  With this faith and belief and knowledge of ourselves, we are ready to make that list of amends and become willing to go forward a better person.

I see no better man to lead our country through this amends process than RFK, Jr.  His own experience through the 12 steps makes him uniquely qualified.  His lifetime work as an environmentalist and advocate for children’s health shows he is a man of his word.  I ask you to just take some time this election year and learn about the candidates you are considering.  I have so many friends who are just listening to the legacy media, and they believe what they are hearing.  They are not going straight to the source for RFK, Jr. and they are missing the point of why WE THE PEOPLE still means something in this country.  It’s not just a choice of more of the same, the lesser of two evils.  This country is only doomed to make the same mistakes if WE CHOOSE THEM.  I refuse to throw my vote away again and live through four more years of this unholy nightmare.

The spiritual principle of Step Eight is Brotherly Love.  It has been described as a kindly and lenient attitude toward others, charity.  My fellow countrymen, isn’t it time we tried some Brotherly Love to mend this broken heart of our country?  How much more suffering do we need to witness?  How much more corporate capture of our governmental agencies can we endure?  How much more harm can come to our beautiful children and grandchildren through the poisoning of our foods, our water, our air?

In a recent interview, Joe Polish asked RFK, Jr. what are the three most important things we need to address as a nation and how will you lead us there.  How RFK Will Take Back America from The Military Industrial Complex & Big Pharma (youtube.com)

Through this video, I hear the words of a leader that is fully aware the military industrial complex perpetuates the continuation of wars across the globe.  Was there ever a time when war was considered Brotherly Love?  We fund the ammunition, and we fund the restructuring?  Who profits from this madness?  When does the bleeding stop?  The greed of the military industrial complex is not an example of Brotherly Love.

These are the words of a leader who understands that the value of our nation is in our people.  We must address the declining health of our people.  RFK, Jr. is determined to pull the covers of Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Business and empower a nationwide movement towards better health through nutrition and regenerative agriculture.  Is it not Brotherly Love to provide access to good health to all Americans, not just the privileged few?

The third issue Mr. Kennedy addressed is the divide in our country. I’ve heard RFK, Jr. say so many times “Let’s focus on the issues that bring people together rather than focusing on this polarization on the issues that are driving people apart and demonizing each other.”  It is his cry to lead a nation into a state of Brotherly Love and heal the divide.

Take time this year to thoroughly evaluate the candidate you are choosing for President.  Don’t just listen to one source of opinion.  Make a point to listen to the candidates themselves, not just the clips the legacy media chooses to show you. 

If your decision is to heal the divide in this nation, join us in this movement of Brotherly Love at https://people4kennedy.com.


This is Barbara’s 8th installment of a series dedicated to applying the twelve steps of recovery to our society and political landscape of today. 


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