Now that we’ve admitted our powerlessness and unmanageability about what is going on in the governance of our country (Step One), we see that being honest can free us to see the hope of restoration to sanity (Step Two).  Next, we consider Step Three.

Step Three:  We made a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God, as we understood Him. 

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. speaks about his personal experience with overcoming drug addiction in the following video:

  (5) RFK Jr on his drug addiction | Robert F Kennedy Jr and Lex Fridman – YouTube

Did you notice his examples of Good Orderly Direction, like making the bed, eating healthy, getting exercise, and maintaining a posture of surrender?  Surrender to win?  A 12-step sponsor once told me, “Sometimes you have to lose the battle to win the war.”  I wondered how that worked.

My first impression of the Third Step was that it sounded religious, and I wasn’t religious.  If you are religious or spiritual, you will see that this step represents the principle of faith.  A familiar slogan in 12-step groups is “Let Go and Let God.”  If that works for you, you are ready to make the decision. 

If you aren’t especially religious, I want to introduce a concept that I used for many years with this step.  It’s called Good Orderly Direction, or G.O.D..  I didn’t understand “Him”, didn’t trust the God of most people’s understanding, didn’t know how I could turn my life over to something I didn’t trust or understand, and so I embraced Good Orderly Direction. 

In the 12-step meetings, I could see a path to recovery being laid out in front me.  I simply needed to be honest that I couldn’t do it on my own, to believe that I could be successful on this path others were on, and make the decision to follow that path.  I’m applying this same principle to our country.  Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is laying a path in front of us.  We all know we can’t do it alone.  I believe it would restore our country to sanity.  So I’m making the decision to follow RFK Jr.’s lead.

As I feel the dread of moving forward with the likely Democrat or Republican nominee for President in 2024, it seems that this is a losing battle.  More of the same politics, more of the same division in our country, more of the same unmanageability and powerlessness.  But in watching RFK, Jr. videos, I find that I am hopeful that there is someone who sees a path to recovery for our nation. I am willing to lose the battle of Democrat vs. Republican and seek common ground with RFK, Jr.

Here are some examples of Good Orderly Direction RFK, Jr. proposes to Heal the Divide in our nation:

  1.  Free Passport I.D. cards for American Citizens who don’t have access to a valid I.D.. Voting integrity is critical to our democracy.  A valid, photo I.D. passport card which can be issued by any U.S. Post Office will be accessible to any American who wishes to vote.  This type of I.D. card would also be useful in employment situations.
  2.  Reform prisons into Healing Farms where non-violent criminals can learn job training, social skills, get an education/GED, find recovery through 12-step programs. Are you aware that the 1986 Criminal Justice Act written by Joe Biden was probably the worst travesty on non-violent drug offenders?  It affected the African American population exponentially.  By 1998, the African American population in prisons had doubled due to a racial injustice of non-violent drug offenders.  We locked up a whole generation of black fathers.  Is rehabilitation going on in the current prison systems or are they making profits off cultural extortion?
  3.  Restore affordable housing through government loan guarantees at 3% interest. In recent years, the cost of an average home has gone from $200,000 to $400,000, and interest rates have gone from 4% to 8%.  The American dream of owning your own home has been lost for much of our youth.  RFK, Jr.’s proposal restores hope to our youth.
  4.  Healing chronic disease by having the regulatory agencies (CDC, FDA, NIH) focus on the causes of and cures for chronic disease instead of focusing on receiving pharmaceutical royalties for new medications/vaccines. 68% of Covid deaths had contributory factors of chronic disease.  Our country missed the opportunity to look at causes of obesity and diabetes and educate the public on good health practices.  Instead, we made pharmaceutical companies even richer.
  5.  Protect freedom of speech through legislation and executive order to deny federal agencies the ability to censor speech on social media sites. Social media sites should be today’s version of the public square where any individual can contribute to the conversation.  The same is true for News Media companies.  All sides of an issue should be presented.  RFK, Jr. is proposing that pharmaceutical advertising be banned from network television which would break the ties binding MSM (mainstream media) to profiteering pharmaceutical companies.

These are just a few of the issues facing our nation and the solutions RFK, Jr. is proposing to move our country in a Good Orderly Direction.  I encourage you to go to RFK, Jr’s website and read about the policies he proposes.  There are also tabs available to take action, buy merchandise, look for upcoming events, or make a donation.   

If you have faith in RFK Jr.’s leadership, as I do, take this third step with me and make the decision to turn your will and your life over to Good Orderly Direction (God), as you understand it.  RFK, Jr. has researched and fought for these solutions for years.  Let’s support Bobby Kennedy for President 2024 and heal this divided nation. 

In 12-step programs, everyone fears Step Four.  Some people avoid it for years or gloss over it.  But it’s a very important step in any recovery journey.  Stay tuned for Step Four. 

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