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In Step One, we admitted that we have become powerless over government, and our lives have become unmanageable. No one wants to admit they are powerless in and of themselves, but if we are honest and admit this powerlessness, we can open our minds just enough to see that there is another way besides the two-party stranglehold.

Step Two: We came to believe that a power greater than ourselves could restore us to sanity.

Remember the definition of insanity in Step One: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. A vote for either leader of the Democratic or Republican parties would give us four more years of the same, continuing the “corporate kleptocracy,” as RFK, Jr. calls it. Abraham Lincoln warned us, “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” How many times have you watched a news report and asked yourself, “This is insane!”?

Would we know sanity if we saw it? I think we would, and I think we saw the difference during the COVID-19 outbreak. Sanity used to be the scientific method where there was a question, research, testing of a hypothesis, evaluation of that hypothesis, and conclusion. Insanity started when we could no longer question or publish the results of conclusions. Espousing the long-held concept of natural immunity became disinformation. Insanity started when only one person’s conclusion was the law. Doctors and nursing staff were silenced, keeping silence in order to keep their jobs. Military personnel were released from duty because they refused to take a vaccine that had not been fully tested. RFK, Jr. was among the first to be censored on social media platforms for daring to question one man’s edict for our country. Our First Amendment rights were lost, and insanity was freed to create chaos. Wear a mask, don’t wear a mask, wear two masks, only wear this kind of mask, wear a mask everywhere, only wear a mask inside but social distance six feet. I saw people riding in their cars alone wearing a mask. Basic microbiology teaches that there is a vector, which could infect you, and that this vector has to have a way to enter the body, and it needs a viral load strong enough to disarm your immune system.

The COVID-19 outbreak divided our country even more: Those who were vaxxed and those who weren’t. As with all issues there arose two bitterly divided camps. The lie of this story is that Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is anti-vax. He is not anti-vax. He is pro-science, pro-safety, and pro-choice, and proposes a sane, logical approach to vaccines. Did you know that vaccines are the only medication not subject to pre-licensing safety trials? If you have an adverse effect from a vaccine, the pharmaceutical company is held harmless in a court of law. Kennedy’s sane point of view argues to at least have placebo-controlled pre-licensing safety trials to find out the risks versus the benefits so that people can choose based on their own health conditions.

I find his logical and honest approach to issues not only sane, but refreshing. Finally we have a presidential candidate who knows what he is talking about and proposes a plan to restore us to sanity. Kennedy possesses a University of Virginia law degree and has spent his lifetime challenging corporations who have tried to take advantage of the misinformed public. An expert on our country’s history and constitution, he recently said, “Every president enters office promising to unite the nation and work across the aisle. None of them ever do. They can’t; they’ve already chosen a side. Well, I’m not going to have that problem. Instead of asking people ‘Which side are you on,’ I’m going to ask, ‘What do you care about? What do your children need? What is it like to be you? What do you love?’” RFK, Jr. is focused on healing the divide, and healing the people of our country.

I recently watched the following Aubrey Marcus Podcast episode featuring RFK, Jr. and learned so much more about his views on these subjects. If you care to view, here is the link:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr: Government Secrets, Censorship, & How to End Chronic Disease

In Step One, we admitted the powerlessness and the unmanageability that exists in our country. (See https://www.people4kennedy.com/healing-the-divide-from-a-twelve-step-perspective-step-one/). Our divided government is not focused on solutions, only on following party lines, whether they be right or wrong. Honesty is the spiritual principle of Step One. Aubrey Marcus states it this way: “What’s causing this country to go insane is all the manipulated and calculated truths that some mind is trying to figure everything out. Just trust being honest.” And, as Martin Luther King, Jr. believes, “freedom is the bonus you receive for telling the truth.”

Step Two asks us to open our minds to the possibility that there is a way out of this mess – to be restored to sanity. The spiritual principle of Step Two is hope. When I listen to RFK, Jr., I have hope that we the people can come together to make sane decisions and restore this nation to sanity. We simply need leaders who are willing to be honest and who will advocate for the truth.

With this hope, we are ready to make a decision, to go on to Step Three. Please join us.


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