Dear Editor:

Political polarization is the most acute existential threat to our nation. To me, and to a growing number of Americans, the echoes of riots and insurrections are louder than the beating drums of war. Shut ears and shouting voices impoverish us more than inflation and high interest rates.

War and the economy are extremely important issues — and we need to address them with tact and intelligence. Today, however, our domestic unity is more important.

Our great nation was founded on principles of democracy, dialogue, and the ability to find common ground. However, Republicans and Democrats are so polarized that they cannot manage to discuss solutions that will cultivate peace and prosperity at home and abroad. It seems we are so busy shouting over each other and crying foul that we cannot move forward as a society. These things are possible, but they require collaboration and dialogue. Unfortunately, collaboration and dialogue are exactly where our two-party system has failed us.

We can see a trainwreck approaching. The most likely 2024 presidential nominees from the Democrat and Republican parties probably cause most people to feel both disgusted and powerless. I’m personally afraid that political polarization will cause the electoral system to fall apart, and with it, democracy itself.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. offers a beacon of hope by championing unity and cooperation. His platform is built on Healing the Divide, engaging in civil discourse, and finding common-sense solutions to our most pressing challenges. Rather than perpetuating the divisiveness that has paralyzed our society, Bobby Jr. seeks to heal our nation’s political wounds and unite us for a common purpose: to preserve the world’s best example of democracy.

Our country means too much to give it up without a fight. I urge my fellow Americans to consider Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.’s independent candidacy as a viable option for unity, healing, and progress.

In a time when the chasm between our political parties seems insurmountable, we can find a reason to hope that we can once again come together as a nation, united by our shared values and aspirations.

– J.M. Pelletier


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