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When asked; “Who is your favorite U.S. author?” I say a name that often gets a laugh;  Theodore Geisel – most know him as Dr. Seuss. His stories probably brought more to my life than any other author’s books. As a kid, I’d spent dozens and probably hundreds of hours reading books like Hop on Pop or about Star-Bellied Sneetches on Beaches. Everyone knows Dr. Seuss. His simple, sing-songy style was so fun that enormous audiences were drawn to his books and Seuss wrote with such eloquence, creativity and apparent ease that his true genius was often overlooked (or people wouldn’t laugh when I list him as a favorite). His books had such a far reach they drew large audiences and in this way, Dr. Seuss elevated important subjects to the masses: Seuss wrote of war and greed (Yertle the Turtle), the joys of childhood adventure (The Cat in the Hat) of the courage to try something new (Green Eggs and Ham) or retelling Scrooge (How the Grinch stole Christmas) and of many, many other topics too. 

Here, I try my hand at writing like Seuss and doing what I think he did when he wrote, write about something that matters in life. My hope is that my story will leave you with a Seussian impression. Here’s a tip – read it out loud, Seuss’ books are better that way, I always thought so.

How My Family Went to War  

A Seussian-Tale by Teddy McIntyre

Here’s BREAKING NEWS about my family and me!

We’re like most U.S. families, read on and you’ll see.

There’s a mom and a dad and a boy and pets too.

We do all of the things “normie” families do.

Like, talking and movies and laughing and dishes,

And birthdays and arguments and Christmas wishes.

We do all family ‘normie stuff,’ but wait there’s more…


Here’s a secret – our family has gone off to war.

“A family at war?” you ask, “How can it be?

Families don’t go to wars, Mac! You must be crazy!

We live in homes in Kenosha or Sheboygan

And never fight in wars to dirty our hands in.”

That’s part of our secret! It’s what I’m telling you,

For the WAY that we go to war is covert too.

It’s a bit complicated but still a good story

So read on, I promise my tale will not bore ye’…

Our family war effort started back in the fifties,

Ike exited with his most famous of speeches.

He warned that our funds would be stolen via tax checks.

By a: Military-Industrial-Complex.

Ike cautioned the U.S. (seeking Imperium abroad)

Would cripple our middle class with constant war fraud.

Just by paying our taxes, we – all Americans,

We’d be funding regime-change wars that won’t end.

To get this war machine rolling and off the ground

A story of fear was hatched and spread around.

Next citizens were warned and so it became true,

The war machine grew! And it Grew! And it GREW!

War grew into Congress! Spending soared by the day!

On defense contracts sold by our own C-I-A.

How did the CIA and others sell war?

They simply said “This is what democracy’s for!

To beat evil like terror we need war and rockets,

So never mind Congress going into your pockets.”


It’s true! 


Elected officials too, they are complicit.

Seeking war contract profits and seats in their districts.

The players look like heroes! They’ve made war an art!

So long as we’re hush on the ‘death overseas part.’

After all, it is WAR our nation is selling,

While defense contract bombs rain on “enemy” dwellings.

“But we’re the ‘good guys’ on the ‘right side’ of history!

“Our government would never do that,” you tell me. 

It’s not easy to hear and I’m not saying it’s right

But politics is much different than just black or white.

This is how we wage war, my family and me.

Not in planes or in tanks but by paying tax fees.

“But, how can this be?” You ask, “we had Ike’s warning?

Wars would end in a snap – just as quick as a morning.”


One man did oppose war and the CIA.

You’ve heard this part, ‘bout President J-F-K.

Jack dedicated his presidency to peace.

Keeping US involvement in wars to the least. 

He said ‘I’ll scatter that lying CIA to the wind!’

Then John died by the bullet of a ‘lone rifleman.’

His brother too, Bobby ran, then he died.

And still, 50 years on the real killers hide.

A tall, tragic tale sold so that rich men’s coffers

Are filled with U.S. tax dollars funding war offers.

War machines need tales to be spun to the people,

So we don’t ask questions or look up from our peepholes.

We’re told, “Freedom is in threat from land  X, Y or Z!

And they need America’s help from our military.”

Then Congress passes a bill for Za-Zillions of dollars.

Everyone cashes in, so nobody hollers.

Except families who need healthcare, gas and groceries.

But the news is in on the tale, so they just ignore us.

Yes, war helps sell the news! And we’re kept afraid so

While it’s happening allies cannot be made.

For an industrial complex which needs to cash in,

Stealing from the middle class is how they win.

NO! Our CIA is not all bad, yet it’s clandestine,

We don’t know if it’s got voters’ best interests in mind.

We can only go by our own observations;

We war a thousand percent more than other west-nations.

So what hope for Americans now exists?

How do we stop wars? How can we resist?

A new Kennedy, Jack and Bobby’s descendant

Bobby Jr. is running as an independent.

He’ll finish the fight his dad and John began,

If “We the People” are smart and elect the man.

If “We the People” are smart and vote for the man.


My family went to war. Yes! This fact is true.

But I saved a secret (in this stanza) for you,

And there’s nothing ‘bout this secret that you can do!

These endless wars? Your family is in them too!


So that’s how U.S. wars start and how the wars linger,

While every day real freedoms slip from our fingers.

Greed, lies and tall tales reap forever profit…

Until we elect RFK Jr. to stop it.

Living with his wife and son, in Kenosha, WI, Teddy is a copywriter and author.



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