edited by P.C. Bosco

I’ve always been attracted to the concept that you can own an idea, and that ideas can lead to people coming together to build something, and that something can potentially change the course of human history.”

 – Nicole Shanahan, Santa Clara Magazine, 30 October 2018


Just as Galileo Galilei, the renowned author of “Sidereus Nuncius” (Starry Messenger) and, of course, known for his incredible work in observational astronomy, analytical dynamics, and engineering, faced ridicule and political backlash in his lifetime, our modern-day Galilean, Nicole Shanahan, will encounter similar obstacles. Nicole’s work with artificial intelligence to identify and rectify issues in the legal system, as well as in health and criminal justice systems, can be incredibly valuable in radically transforming our currently dysfunctional bureaucratic and governmental approaches.

Nicole’s brilliant mind and dedication to the highest values are what led Robert F. Kennedy Jr. to seek out her expertise in his efforts to disrupt the current leadership paradigm. Nicole’s passion and dedication to regenerative agriculture, showcased in her film “Common Ground,” her innovative approaches to environmental, justice, and health systems, along with her ideas on using Artificial Intelligence for positive change in these areas, are the avenues through which the leadership of Robert Kennedy Jr. and Nicole Shanahan will successfully guide us into the often unfamiliar terrain of the future.

I had the privilege of attending the vice presidential announcement for Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in Oakland, California, and was deeply moved by Nicole’s life story and her commitment to challenging the existing dysfunctional status quo. Robert F. Kennedy and Nicole Shanahan are confident leaders who will inspire us all to navigate the challenges and opportunities that the future presents.

– Evelyn Burnett

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