In our new Exponential age, Information is the commodity of the century. Propaganda wars are being waged by both major political parties, government agencies, the military, corporations, and most media. They are being waged in sinister fashion against Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. and the American people.

For these powers, the ‘Conspiracy’ label creates the perfect distraction. The real casualty of this war is the American way of life and our chance of a civilized society. Here is their playbook:

1) Accumulate a group of press minions over time. Place them in positions of influence, especially as editors and senior staff. Lavish them with 3Ps: praise, parties and promises of upward mobility;

2) Identify the one person who most challenges your power (yes, that is Bobby today);

3) Grab a pen, a podium, a microphone, and gather your ‘journalist’ friends.

4) Dust off the adjective-laden Tribal Jargon Handbook you were presented at recruitment time. Focus on words like ‘spew’, ‘wacko’, ‘fringe’, and whatever words can best smear him;

5) Now, before your conspiracy hits the news cycle, flip the tables: Accuse your Truth-Seeking opponent of conspiracy, tapping into people’s fear and prejudice, using mean-spirited tactics; 

6) Threaten all dissent. Suppress all contrary opinions. Personally attack minority views;

7) DO NOT support your claim. DO NOT offer evidence. That task is for the accused, so he can be distracted and waste time. Instead, be rude and condescending. When your target reveals facts or evidence, ignore. Then amplify your tactics;

8) Rinse/repeat as often as necessary. Use all resources in the media to do your ‘laundry’. 

Well, surely something close to this.

Free Speech, heretofore our bedrock principle, is now the enemy of those seeking to retain power. When the majority has been cajoled into perceiving a REAL truth teller as a conspiracist, then all hope in Democracy fades away. Minds are captured; Tyranny rules. Unless we act NOW.

Bobby is a truly special human being, His life experience has led to his spiritual awakening, one which can be harnessed for the good of America. Listen to him for yourself. The story of his recovery from addiction, which now spans 40 years, is utterly inspiring- especially if you know someone who is or has been addicted to drugs or alcohol. RFK is a true Kennedy and he is ALIVE in every way. Compassion, Truth, Unity, Love of Fellow Man, Social Justice- these are his values. This is his platform. We have never had a candidate like him. 

RFK possesses experience and knowledge of politics and history that is second to none. Most importantly, he will fight for the common man. A candidate who appeals to the best of both parties. Policies to address our Healthcare crisis, Children, Families, Agricultural Farming and Food Insecurity, Peace over War, Smart Border Security, and ways to address our failing monetary system. He is charismatic, yet so humble. Indeed, it takes a pretty closed mind not to admire RFK.

Many, especially those in power, are threatened by Bobby. So they craft stories which are in DIRECT OPPOSITION to his true nature and actual platform. They then try to smear him. It is below-the-belt politics. It is a disgrace to all decent, mindful Democrats and Republicans. 

A little perspective: for over a generation, the American Right has pushed the envelope on questionable tactics and motives to benefit a few at the expense of the many. Think ‘trickle down’. They used debt incursion as their key method of extraction. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, which repealed Glass-Steagall in the late 1990s, was the door that opened the floodgates of greed and corruption. Their hubris and lack of humility has been truly astounding. For many years, Democrats appropriately stood up to the Right’s self-interest and exploitation, at least publicly. 

But now, Democrats have themselves done a 180 and are trying to outflank Republicans to the tipping point of Extremism. Democrats are now wresting control of the MAGA bully pulpit. As if the end justifies the means? Well, Tribalists, it seems you are not so noble after all. In fact, much of what you say you’ve stood for, you now throw under a bus in the interest of remaining in power. They have become what they despise, so much so that the Right now appears closer to the Left! 

This is not Democracy. This is Tyranny. The new American Left.

The REAL conspiracists are those trying to pin the Conspiracy label on RFK- an easy trick to see once you know how to spot it. They are very afraid of Bobby and the people-first platform he represents. They use the Hammer of Fear and Tribal Instinct to play with people’s minds, and most come away without realizing their thoughts have been formed for them! Central to the Conspiracy against RFK is the current suppression of his and his supporters’ message on TV, in newspapers, on Social Media, and pretty much everywhere. Control the narrative, control everything.

Bobby’s top agenda item is to fix this travesty. He is a true Leader in the Kennedy tradition. He will restore Democracy- IF we have the courage to come to terms with this reality and let him go to work. Bobby himself tells us: “I’m going to give you your country back, but I’ll need your help to do it”. He wants to put the people first. Are you ready to step outside the Two-Party fiasco? 

With love, Paul

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