“A House divided against itself cannot stand”- Abraham Lincoln, quoting the New Testament

We are a nation divided. Most of us, including many otherwise intelligent folks in the two-party system, are stuck in the boxing ring of conflict, jabbing and punching at one another, hoping something will land. This boxing ring is, at its core, a forum for displaced fear. It does not offer solutions, nor a call to action. It takes solace in finding fault and deriving warped satisfaction from playing a game of gotcha. Left and Right are opposite sides of the same coin: the coin of zealotry. This conflicted division adds to our current, enflamed tribalism.

People all across America are being commoditized. Once known as the customer, we are now the product, tools in the lust for power and profit at the hands of corporate-government collusion. The military-industrial complex, the healthcare cartel, Big Oil, Tobacco and Chemical, Big Food and Agriculture. More than half of Americans live paycheck to paycheck and cannot raise $1,000 in an emergency. As time passes, our chances for recourse dissipate. We become numb, resentful, often turning to drugs and alcohol, or even crime, to fill our spiritual void.

The only way this societal sickness will change is with a new PR campaign: that of a Peaceful Revolution, or, if you prefer, a Phoenix Rising. This new PR campaign is not about party or pitting one side against another. It is about the real America- peace, love, freedom, respect, tolerance, social and environmental justice, accountability, and empowerment of the middle class, rejecting the power and wealth in the hands of the few at the expense of the many. Rooted in deep moral and spiritual principles, this campaign calls out injustice and corruption, claiming that “we are all God’s children.” This is the best in all of us. And you are invited to be a part of it. 

Efforts to impose a totalitarian state are being ramped up from both sides of the aisle. This is happening right here and now, not in 2050. An outright sprint for control of the masses. The technology is very much in place. Most citizens are too caught up in tribalism to notice.

That is just how the establishment likes it. The perfect distraction.

The alternative: To rise above the boxing ring of conflict, to lay down the gloves and replace punching and sparring with handshakes and gestures of goodwill. That is going to be very difficult to do, since many people are deeply rooted in their ways. Being right, it seems, matters more than embracing solutions. Soon, solutions will become impossible, unless we take action now. Our children will live in a constant state of fear and surveillance, with no assets, innumerable health problems, low IQs, nuclear proliferation, and deep psychological wounds. It does not have to be that way.

Our hope comes in the form of one candidate who invites America to become a Phoenix, rising from the ashes of our recent conflict. A man pounding the pavement every single day, working to deliver a message of restoration to the people, with the policies to back it up. We have a once in a lifetime opportunity. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. has the unique potential to keep us not only out of the ring, but out of the abyss.

With love, Paul (special thanks to Jeremy)

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