Everybody’s happy, everybody’s free. 
We’ll keep the big door open, everyone will come around. 
Why are you different? Why are you that way? 
If you don’t get in line we’ll lock you away”.

DAVE MATTHEWS, Typical Situation

You are about to enter another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. Minds altered, minds captured. Thoughts dictated, freedom corralled, dissent squashed.  

Welcome to THE TRIBAL ZONE. The place where Freedom of Speech, guaranteed by our Bill of Rifghts, has been hijacked without your knowledge or consent.

Do not dare ask any questions. You were placed on a team- either Team Red or Team Blue- and you must abide by Team Rules. Your opinions are formed by us, not by you. You are required to ignore any and all new info on the surge in all childhood diseases. You are forbidden to think objectively and wonder if there just might be a connection to vaccines. If you suggest that anyone try to research the causes, you will be character-assassinated, and shamed accordingly. What lies in your heart for children will be speared with intolerance and harshness. When we tell you our brand of censorship is necessary, you can smile with the illusion that this has no bearing on your Free Speech.

That Kennedy guy who’s running for President- we’ll take care of him. We’ve perfected the art of propaganda, smears, soft banning and name calling. Our master conspiracy plan is to label him the conspiracist. We have a long list of adjectives that will paint him accordingly.

That’s right, mess with the establishment and you will be tarnished, mocked, and discredited. If you attempt to speak in the interest of fellow Americans or for social justice, you will be immediately put down. Your words will be cherry picked and twisted. Stray even a little bit from our playing field, then there need not be any factual basis for condemnation of you and your message- your opposition to the narrative is enough to abhor you. See what we’re trying to do to RFK? You may be next.

Science is gospel; you shall believe that no scientist allows politics to enter their realm. So whatever scientists say, goes. If you point to any of the hundreds of cases where our version of science has been refuted, you will be made to feel inferior as we unleash a barrage of arrogance upon you. 

Tribalists, go about your day attacking your opponents. Put them down, call them names, misquote them incessantly. Alter their meaning and intent. Doesn’t matter if you come from the Right or the Left. We just have no room for anyone in the center. So pick a side and draw blood.

New information? That too must be disregarded, as it will diminish your tribal instincts. Instead, you will watch your usual TV pundit for news that reinforces the world view we have bestowed upon you. Your opponents can never be right about a single thing, nor can you ever admit to being wrong. If it comes to Civil War, so be it. We do not allow for civil discourse. The status quo and absolute power shall remain. The notion of putting yourself in someone else’s shoes? Verboten. 

We the Tribalists are all around you- the Democratic machine, the Biden Administration, the Trumpsters, the right wing media, the left wing media. We prey on fear, we sneer at virtue. We The Tribalists detest Freedom and we will never die. Unless that Kennedy guy gets in.

Sigh. Orwellian enough for you? Welcome then to the 2024 Election cycle circus.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. speaks from the heart. His mind is as sharp as a tack. He works incredibly hard, especially for the less fortunate. His experience and instincts are the best I’ve ever seen, bar none. His message is one of LOVE, UNITY, human dignity, and Social Justice. The polar opposite of the Tribalists- those on social media, TV, magazines, and elsewhere. RFK’s message is so very powerful that it will easily win over anyone who dares to step outside the ring of conflict and hear it.

There is not a single American I know who has done more for average Americans in the last 40 years than Robert F. Kennedy Jr.  He is simply the most transformative political figure of our time. 

Bobby is the Anti-Tribalist. We at People4Kennedy rise above. We have opinions but we listen to opposition. We seek common ground. We love those we disagree with. We see everyone as God’s children. We seek Peace, Respect, and Progress. There is a bubbling below the surface, a volcano of Peaceful Revolution ready to erupt. We would love for you to join us.

Love, Paul


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