“It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on his not understanding it.” – Upton Sinclair

“Once we take into account motive and incentive, everything else begins to make sense.”

(cartoon by Broc Smith) 

Is The Hippocratic Oath becoming The Hypocritical Oath? Has “Do No Harm” given way to a system that incentives a business model not based on wellness, but on keeping us sick enough to medicate? Is the revered medical profession really ethically conflicted? Is there more than a little bit of Sackler in the hallowed halls of Big Pharma? Has the public trust in this institution been betrayed?

And has “real” science been co-opted by forces of manipulation and propaganda? Have Agencies and top-level execs crafted a narrative that resembles religion more than science? Heaven forbid, because that would mean profit and power are being placed above human health.

In a National Institute of Health paper titled “Vaccines and sudden infant death: An analysis of the VAERS database 1990–2019 and review of the medical literature”, the study states:

“Of 2,605 infant deaths reported to VAERS from 1990 through 2019, 58% clustered within 3 days post-vaccination, and 78.3% occurred within 7 days post-vaccination, confirming that infant deaths tend to occur in temporal proximity to vaccine administration.”

The results of this and many other studies speak for themselves: the U.S. is the sickest industrialized nation on earth by far, with surges in all kinds of chronic diseases and premature mortalities. Yet, we spend 18% of our GDP- about $4.5 TRILLION- on Healthcare each year. That’s roughly $13,500 per citizen. Someone is getting rich at your expense! The Government Health agencies and Big Pharma want Healthcare spending to continue- even grow- so as to protect their turf and avert a collapse in GDP. This is their goal, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER OR NOT YOU BENEFIT. The push for another vaccine (meant for a virus that has already passed through the population) is yet another example. We, American citizens, are the guinea pigs. 

As Robert Kennedy tells us, there are but a handful of possible causes for the explosion in infant mortality, chronic diseases, autism, asthma, diabetes, allergies, cardiac issues, ADHD, and more. It is pure insanity to simply dismiss vaccines as a possible cause. We know definitively there is correlation. We need better studies to determine the causes- studies that are not done by industry insiders. Do the CDC, HHS, and NIH want to convince us that if we see a fallen tree in the woods, it did not make a sound when it fell since we weren’t there to hear it? Look around you- fallen trees are everywhere!

Most of us have already complied- willingly or unsuspectingly- with the Medical Industrial Complex’s objectives by exchanging our physical/emotional well-being for corporate profits and government control. Now, their voracious appetite is taking matters further. You are being asked to potentially exchange years of your life, your freedoms, your possessions, even your thoughts, in favor of the government/corporate machine. The Medical Industrial Complex is at the heart of this tyranny. 

Let this sink in, please. Some Critical Points (RFK Jr. discusses these in several venues):

– By 1990, vaccine companies were granted, by Congress, legal ‘immunity’ from any liability their vaccines may cause. Why? The DTP vaccine was having financial blowback to its developer. So, the door was opened. Obstacle removed.

– Once the liability exemption was granted, there was a gold rush of vaccines. We had 3-4 vaccines a generation ago. Now we have 73 doses of 17 vaccines. Do you hear the sound of $Cha-ching? Do you see the incentive/motive connection to vaccine development? To make the incentive structure more perverse, there are significant royalties available to those whose vaccines are approved; 

– Vaccines are not subject to the safety studies that all other drugs are to gain FDA approval. Instead, they seek EUAs (Emergency Use Authorization). NIH refuses to do the long-term safety studies ;

– VAERS relies on voluntary reporting from the medical community, and therefore is likely under-reporting incidents in a very meaningful way;

– Big Pharma companies account for about half of the FDA’s annual budget. They also are major contributors to both political parties. Pharma accounts for a majority of advertising on the evening talk shows. We are 1 of only 2 countries that allow TV advertising of pharma products. 

The ivory towers tell us that Sudden Infant Death Syndrome was a function of children sleeping on their stomachs. They said the “Back to Sleep” initiative was essentially the cure. And yes, all evidence does suggest that “Back to Sleep” had a very positive impact on SIDS cases. But why did these SIDS cases suddenly spike in the first place? And at the same time the vaccine production ramped up? And of course, we can ask the same regarding the explosion of diseases noted above.

In a recent CHD article by John-Michael Dumais, a former police detective, in an interview with Steve Kirsch, claimed that about half of the sudden infant death cases she investigated showed the child had received a vaccination in the previous 48 hours. But coroners never mentioned vaccines on the death certificates, and doctors have been trained to gaslight parents. 

Even though the U.S. is the sickest industrialized nation on earth by far, we spend far more than any country on “Healthcare”. The ONLY way that makes sense is to acknowledge that your health is taking a back seat to healthcare profit. The Healthcare industry appears to be ANTI-wellness; their business model is predicated on treatments, surgeries, diagnostics, and vaccines. But, not cures.

Doctors operate in a system that forces them to comply with guidelines, which may or may not be beneficial to their patients. Those doctors who have challenged the directive- and there are thousands- have been smeared, censured, even had their licenses revoked- for putting their patients first! They are the true heroes. An example: check out the experience of Dr. Mary Talley Bowden. Drs. Paul Marik, Pierre Kory and hundreds of doctors at the FLCCC are also heroes.

This is a human travesty. We all know who will fix this: Robert F. Kennedy Jr.. Bobby is not only being vindicated for his ultra-well-informed positions, but will likely be hailed as a hero. The ‘conspiracy theorist’ has been spot on all along, and those who have labeled him as such are likely the ACTUAL conspiracists, with media minions galore as their servants. That’s how it works. It is how their coffers are lined. And it reveals their contempt for the American public. Even otherwise thoughtful liberal members of the press have had their critical thinking skills hijacked by the propaganda machine. Big Pharma/Government collusion has totally dishonored not only patients, but the countless Healthcare workers who have stood on the front lines to help Americans. The workers’ efforts have been undermined by a hidden agenda of the ivory towers. 

The greatest asset the medical community can bring to the table is HUMILITY. The reality is we know less than 2% of all there is to know about the human body. The best we can do is to say “I don’t know”, and aim for 3% in the coming years. But humility has been supplanted by HUBRIS and GREED. That is what happens when incentives are misaligned. Patients are treated more like factory assembly workers than patients.  

My friends, this is not a Left or Right issue. It is a HUMAN issue. As someone with many Liberal leanings, I am appalled at how so many have taken one of the most important issues of our time and used it as an excuse to engage in Tribalism. Covid 19 was a scary experience for all of us. None of us knows what the perfect response should have been. But this is not about Covid. It is beyond time to take an honest look at how profits are being placed ahead of patients, and implement policies for much-needed change in our Healthcare system. This is a key reason for my staunch support of RFK Jr., who knows how to unravel this incest which is destroying America. #Unity #EndTheTribalsim

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